Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February's Tip, Trick and Trend Report

Simple tips, tricks and trends to help make your wedding a little bit easier!

Tip:  To avoid getting emails mixed up, or becoming overwhelmed with the amount of mail in your inbox, create an email account specifically for the wedding.  This way you are sure to keep your important and personal emails separate from the wedding emails.  When the wedding is over, feel free to deactivate the account and your personal email account will be kept personal.

Trick:  Are you planning your wedding during the hot summer months? Think about making or buying programs that double as fans.  Not only are they absolutely adorable and can be used as a cute keepsake, but they can help keep your guests cool during the ceremony!

Trend:  Save money and time with “Thank You” postcards.  By eliminating the envelope entirely you can save a bit of cash, and save a little time with not having to seal them! You can have postcards customized with pictures from the wedding so people can remember what a wonderful time they had.


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