Friday, November 1, 2013

November's Tip, Trick and Trend Report

It is always such an honor to be invited to a wedding, but decoding the difference between Black Tie, Cocktail and Casual can prove to be a stressful task in itself – let alone finding what to wear! We have a few tips and tricks to give you some insight on how to crack the code when it comes to proper wedding attire! We will discuss the three most common dress codes requested by the bride and groom, tricks on how to accomplish the look and the latest trends in fashion.

Tip:  Black Tie: A step below white tie, black tie is one of the more formal dress codes requested by a bride and groom.  Black tie weddings are generally held later on in the day making black and dark tones the obvious choice.  

Cocktail:  Falls in the middle of the three options when it comes to wedding dress codes. Depending on the time of day can vary between festive colors and the classic little black dress.  

Casual:  Anything goes, so to speak, with a casual dress code.  Even though jeans and sneakers can be appropriate, take into consideration that you are still attending a wedding. It might be best to resist the urge to wear your favorite pair of jeans and running shoes. 

Trick:   Black Tie: Think The Oscars and Ball Gowns.  Floor length dresses and fancier cocktail attire, with coiffed hair and plenty of diamonds and pearls for the women.  A good rule to remember: nothing above the knees.  As for men, a full tuxedo including a tux dinner jacket, a tux shirt with a wing collar, trousers, cummerbund or vest and a bow tie will help complete the look. 

Cocktail:  Pull out your best little black dress and have fun accessorizing with diamonds and sky high heels.  Men may opt for a simpler suit look, with slacks, a button up shirt and sports coat or vest.  

Casual:  Depending on the location, a cotton sundress or a long maxi dress would be a great option for an outdoor wedding where as a light chiffon dress would work well for a wedding on the beach.  Men can wear a polo shirt and khakis or linen pants with a short sleeved button down shirt to keep it cool and casual.  

Trend: Black Tie: You want to look like a million bucks, but you don’t want to spend that much.  Here are 3 black tie looks for women for under $500.00.  Keep in mind the trends while shopping: one shoulder, sequins, lace and chiffon.

  1. Adrianna Papell Layered Chiffon & Lace Gown 
  2. Tadashi Shoji Gown - Waist Tie Sequin Lace
  3. JS Boutique Dress, One-Shoulder Beaded Draped Gown  
Cocktail:  It’s time to have some fun with this request.  From the Classic LBD to something a little more festive, we have found 3 must-have looks for under $100.00! 

  1. New York & Company Eva Mendes Collection - Riviera Fit & Flare Dress - Eva Dot
  2. Nordstrom 'Renley' Lace Fit & Flare Dress  
  3. Macy*s  JS Boutique Dress, Cap-Sleeve Beaded Pleated Empire-Waist  
Casual: Bust out those Maxi Dresses, bright chiffon ensembles and even rompers.  Below are 3 Casual Wedding looks for under $100.00!

  1. Nordstrom Exclusive Hawaiian Print Belted Maxi Dress
  2. Darling Darleen Chiffon Maxi Long Dress 
  3. Macy*s Marilyn Monroe Juniors Romper, Sleeveless Heart-Print   
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