Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April's Tip, Trick and Trend Report

Tip:  Do I dare say the “B” word when talking about a wedding?  It’s one of the words that can make a bride-to-be cringe when it comes up in conversation, but it doesn’t have to any longer.  The word I’m talking about is “BUDGET”. 

We talked a lot about budget in our September2012 post. In that post, we mentioned a number of ways to cut back when it comes to spending, but what we didn’t touch base on was how to come up with that magic number we call a budget.  

The WeddingCost Estimator is a great tool in finding out where your budget should realistically start.  You answer a number of questions, and based on your answers the Wedding Cost Estimator will break down your expenditures by dollar amount and percentage.  From there you can see where you can afford to cut back on your spending in order to stay within your budget.   

Trick:  Worried that your feet may be too tired to cut a rug during the reception?  Ever thought your bridal party or wedding guests may feel the same way?  Well, here’s a little treat for your feet as well as theirs!  Provide your guests with a basket of flip-flops that are easily accessible from the dance floor. 

Choose flip-flops in colors that compliment your wedding and be sure to pick out all different sizes.  Old Navy  has inexpensive flip-flops available in a rainbow of colors. These usually go on sale for $1.00 around summer time.  

Get ready to kick off your heels, and dance the night away.  

Trend:   Who would have thought that something invented so long ago and seen in almost every county fair in the 1970s and 80s would become the hot new trend for parties and events in 2013? 

Photo Booths have become the must have item when it comes to any event, and not just weddings.   Reunions, birthdays, graduations, corporate events, the list goes on and on.  And these aren’t your old-school sit down and smile photo booths.  Photo Booths in today’s modern world are roomy enough for large groups of people, tall enough to stand in and most come with an assortment of props from which to choose.

Check out The Traveling Photo Booth or Kiss Booth and get ready to smile!

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