Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March's Tip, Trick and Trend Report

Tip:  It’s always fun to mix things up. Why not ditch the traditional wedding guest book. Instead, opt for a more creative way to keep track of those who witnessed your special day and what their well wishes were!

Choose a guest book based on your favorite pastimes.  Whether it’s sports, games, art, or wine tasting – the possibilities are endless. Williams Timeless Productions’ Pinterest page  has a number of unique guest book ideas to inspire you!

Trick:  Every bride wants to save money, and here’s a trick how:  Hire an Expert!  

Yup, we said it.  Spending money to save money can sound a bit ridiculous but when push comes to shove Wedding Planners can end up saving you some green so you don’t see red.

Wedding Planners have close relationship with all those in the industry and most likely get the family and friends discount when it comes to their services.  Their extensive knowledge of the wedding industry can also save you a lot of time—time equals money. They also have been in the business for so long that haggling is second nature, not to mention their years of experience with budget conscious brides.

Contact an Event Coordinator at Williams Timeless Productions today to start saving time and money.

Trend:  And the color of the year is: EMERALD!  This radiant jewel-tone has been strutting down the runways for some time, and soon we will witness it walking down the aisle.  Not only does this color promote growth, renewal and prosperity; the pairing possibilities are endless.  Below you will find Emerald Green Inspiration boards for every season. 

Look at Williams Party Rentals emerald linen selection here.

For more Tips, Tricks and Trends, contact our Event Coordinators at Williams Timeless Productions!