Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And the color of the year is...

Williams Timeless Productions is always up to date with the current trends and fads when it comes to your event, so we had to let you in on a little secret: Tangerine Tango is the official wedding color and a big wedding trend for 2012. It is no secret why, this versatile color pairs well with any season.  Whether you are getting married in Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter – this color will be sure to compliment any wedding.
Tangerine Tango is no ordinary orange.  This color emulates heat and energy and plays well with others.  Check out some of these inspiration boards with different Tangerine Tango color combos.
Tangerine Tango & Gray

 The soothing gray tones help to cool down the hot Tangerine Tango, making it the perfect pair for Spring.

Tangerine Tango & Aqua

Aqua pairs well with Tangerine Tango and can give your wedding a fun flirty Summer vibe.

Tangerine Tango & Brown

Brown is an obvious choice for a Fall wedding, but when joined with Tangerine Tango it gives your dream day a more elegant feel. 

Tangerine Tango & Navy

Navy is a timeless tradition when it comes to weddings.  Add some Tangerine Tango and the pair will be sure to add warmth to your Winter Wedding day.