Thursday, December 6, 2012

December's Tip, Trick and Trend Report

December 6, 2012

December's Tip, Trick and Trend Report

Tip:  The Holiday Season is in full swing, which means Engagements will be popping up left and right – who knows, this could be your year!  According to WeddingWire, 33 percent of engagements happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.  With statistics like that, January is turning into the Black Friday of the wedding world!  After a rush of holiday proposals, venues, caterers, and rentals tend to book up fast – so plan accordingly and act quickly.  Call Williams Timeless Productions and speak with a Certified Wedding Planner today to help you start the process!  

Trick:  Staying within your budget is important when it comes to planning a wedding.  It’s your big day and by no means do you want to cut any corners, unless you’re talking about the corners of your cake!  You shouldn’t have to skimp, especially when it comes to the Cake, Floral Arrangements, and Beverage options.  Did you know you can go to your local grocer for all three?
     At Safeway, they understand that planning a wedding can be stressful and costly, which is why they provide all three services at reasonable prices. Safeway has skilled professionals available to help you manage important details of your wedding – from beautiful floral arrangements, and made-to-order cakes to their impressive selection of wines, champagnes and non-alcoholic beverages.  You don’t have to break the bank to cut the cake.      

Trend: Prints have been, and will continue to be, a key trend in all things wedding.  Patterns and prints such as Chevron, Damask, and Floral will continue to be displayed on table runners and linen. In 2013 prints and patterns will start to be incorporated into fashion and paper-goods, as well.  Gingham, Paisley and Polka Dots will be popping up on Bridesmaid dresses, Groomsmen's ties and shirts, as well as the stationary for everything from save-the-date cards and invitations to seating cards and thank you notes.
     Pick a print or pattern and stick with it as a theme for the wedding, or be a bit daring and mis-match prints throughout.  Either way, don’t miss the mark when it comes to including prints and patterns in your big day!  Check out Williams Party Rentals’ huge selection of linens showcasing some pretty and popular prints and patterns!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November’s Tip, Trick and Trend Report

November 6, 2012

November’s Tip, Trick and Trend Report

Tip: Budget conscience brides (and grooms) can save money when you choose a location that can accommodate both your ceremony and reception.   As the guests walk around the property for a cocktail reception after the ceremony, your wedding day coordinators or catering staff can rearrange the room for dining and dancing!  On top of saving green, you will also be acting green by not having to shuttle guests from one location to the next!

Trick:  Trick your guests into thinking that they are in a grand ballroom – when in actuality they are breathing in the beautiful outdoors.  Instead of searching for the perfect indoor venue, think outside the “box” and host your wedding under a canopy or tent made to your liking!  With a tented wedding, instead of walking into an extravagant venue, you are essentially building your own from scratch.  With the help of experts from Williams Party Rentals, you can create an environment as warm and welcoming as any grand ballroom or as over-the-top and modernly chic as you would like. With the perfect combination of tenting, lighting, décor—do not forget the dance floor—the ambiance is set for a truly memorable affair. 

Trend:  Winter trend alert… Long sleeve and lace are in; you can thank Kate Middleton!  Strapless dresses will still strut down the aisle, but this winter, expect more coverage with an elegantly sexy twist. Add the rich elegance of lace to more than just your dress; add it to the cake or the décor! Cake designers can do wonders with a piping bag and frosting!

Stay tuned for December’s Tip, Trick and Trend report!  For more inspiration please be sure to check out our Pinterest Page, as well as Facebook and Twitter!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Budget

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life; unfortunately, it can also be one of the most stressful days as well.  From picking the perfect venue to preparing the seating chart and all the tasks in between, Williams Timeless Productions would like to offer some help with one the most important factors of planning a wedding:

The Budget!

The budget needs to be set before any planning can take place.  Prioritize aspects of the wedding that are most important to you. By compromising in some areas, you can afford to splurge on others.  Figure out what your must haves are– is it the view and ambience of the venue?  The 5-star dining experience?  Or accommodating all your friends and family members on your big day?  No matter what your main priority is—besides marrying the love of your life—at least one of the tips below will be useful in cutting cost for your big day. 

  • Minimize the guest list:  Make your wedding day an intimate affair and your pocketbooks will be thanking you later.  To minimize the guest list, refrain from inviting children and coworkers. Include your friends' significant others but not casual dates.
  • Off-Peak = On-Budget:  The busiest wedding months tend to be September/October and June/July – you can save quite a bit if you book your wedding in April or November, but you must consider the weather and other Holidays during this time of year.   
    • Another Tip:  Saturday is always the “go-to” wedding day; so if possible, book your wedding day during the week to save even more.

  • Finger Foods aren’t just for kids:  Skip the 3 course sit down meal and have a more casual Cocktails and Appetizers Social Reception.
    • This helps cut the cost of needing to rent large tables and linens for your guests to sit at.  Instead, opt for a handful of cocktail tables to keep the vibe casual.  Williams Party Rentals has great pricing on cocktail tables as well as linens.  

  • Cakes do not have to be costly:  Your local grocery store is just as capable of designing a wedding cake as well as any other bakery it just costs less!  Places like Safeway could be your One-Stop-Shop

Whatever your budget may be, Williams Timeless Productions and Williams Party Rentals are here to help make your big day a memorable one.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And the color of the year is...

Williams Timeless Productions is always up to date with the current trends and fads when it comes to your event, so we had to let you in on a little secret: Tangerine Tango is the official wedding color and a big wedding trend for 2012. It is no secret why, this versatile color pairs well with any season.  Whether you are getting married in Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter – this color will be sure to compliment any wedding.
Tangerine Tango is no ordinary orange.  This color emulates heat and energy and plays well with others.  Check out some of these inspiration boards with different Tangerine Tango color combos.
Tangerine Tango & Gray

 The soothing gray tones help to cool down the hot Tangerine Tango, making it the perfect pair for Spring.

Tangerine Tango & Aqua

Aqua pairs well with Tangerine Tango and can give your wedding a fun flirty Summer vibe.

Tangerine Tango & Brown

Brown is an obvious choice for a Fall wedding, but when joined with Tangerine Tango it gives your dream day a more elegant feel. 

Tangerine Tango & Navy

Navy is a timeless tradition when it comes to weddings.  Add some Tangerine Tango and the pair will be sure to add warmth to your Winter Wedding day. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Farm Tables

Farm Tables

Farm Tables are all the rage this year and we can see why.  They add the perfect amount of natural beauty to any event and are super simple because they do not require linen – just a simple runner – or nothing at all.  Farm Tables offer a grand dining feeling and are gorgeous in any setting, indoors or outdoors.

Whether you are hosting a wine country wedding, family style meal, or coastal dinner – these unique tables add an elegantly rustic touch to your event. 

Williams Party Rentals offers beautiful hand-crafted Alder Wood Farm Tables for rent. They measure 8' long and 40" wide, which can accommodate up to 10 guests. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Congrats Class fo 2012!!

Graduation season is just around the corner!!  Celebrate the graduate’s accomplishments and wish them well in the next chapter of their life. 

With numerous graduation events happening the same weekend—many the same day—how do you make your event stand out? Here are tips and tricks from Williams Timeless Productions to throw a successful graduation party!

Theme & Decor:
o   Use the school colors from which they are graduating or from their future school, if the graduate is going on to high school or college.  To represent a specific school, incorporate both color schemes by using overlays or runners on the tables.
o   Again, using the school colors is an easy way to pick a color theme for linen, flowers and even the cake design.  Another fun way to add décor is framing pictures from the last chapter of the honored guest’s life for use as centerpieces. Displaying yearbooks is a fun way to look back over the past few years.

o   Open House: Many graduation parties are an Open House style event. Therefore seating for everyone is not needed, as not all of your guests will be there at the same time.  Providing seating for about a third of your guests is appropriate, using a few round or rectangle tables. For the guests who do not want to sit, provide cocktails tables so they have a place for their plates and beverages. 
o   Formal Event: If your event is a more formal one with a served meal or one with a buffet, which will open at a specific time, then you will want seating for everyone.  RSVPs are necessary for this type of event.

o   What type of food should you have?  Buffets or food stations are best for this type of event.  Pick a theme per station such as Mexican, Italian or Asian, or use the graduate’s favorite food, such as spaghetti and have a pasta bar.  If you are not having service staff at the party, then choose food served at room temperature or easily replenished. You can always rent chafing dishes to keep your food warm, and Williams Party Rentals has a variety of chafing dishes to suit your needs.

o   When composing the guest list, think of family, friends and classmates. The graduate may have a best friend or a group of friends with whom they would like to have a joint-party.  This will help to keep costs down by splitting them among the families throwing the party. May even increase attendance, since there will be one less party to go to.

Williams Timeless Productions along with Williams Party Rentals would like to congratulate all the Graduates of 2012.  We hope that you have found the above information helpful.  Please feel free to email or call us with any questions, as well as with your rental needs.